We Stand for Equity and Inclusion for Refugees & Migrants


— We initiate a community lending programme within the refugee camp

— We provide the training needed for a refugee to become an entrepreneur

With aims of providing access to financial independence, we have designed a sustainable solution for refugees in the camps in Ghana. With a small fund to start businesses, the refugees are encouraged to strive toward entrepreneurship. 

While funding solves a big part of the problem, the right training for entrepreneurial tasks is vital. From developing their ideas, to learning bookkeeping, we encourage all refugees to seek the assistance they need. 


RIO is a Ghana-based NGO that aims at developing sustainable solutions for the economic integration of refugees who reside in the country.

Founded in 2012 by Rya Kuewor, RIO aims to empower refugees, majorly women, to become entrepreneurs in the environment they are in, to act as a catalyst in turning the existing refugee camps into self-sustaining micro-economies. 

RIO has been represented by the founder and executive director, Rya, at several international conferences, including the World Economic Forum Conference on Africa, the GIZ Innovation Factory in Munich and the IOM’s International Dialogue on Migration in UN Headquarters in New York. 


Help encourage a refugee to be an entrepreneur