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RIO is a Ghana-based NGO that aims at developing sustainable solutions for the economic integration of refugees. Our two flagship programs are a low-interest lending service and a TechEd workshop for refugees at the Krisan, Ampain and Egyerkrom camps. The lending service is aimed at empowering women, majorly, to become entrepreneurs in the environment they are in, by small trading businesses or engaging in B2C and C2C models. Our previous loan cycle had a sample size of 18 women who predominantly immersed themselves in the perishable-foods market. On seeing consistent results from their businesses and a 100% payback rate from them, we wish to scale-up the size of our microcredit model.

The TechEd workshop is aimed at teaching basic computer science to young individuals at the camps, aged between 14 and 20. Through this, our goal is to prepare refugees for entrepreneurship and employment opportunities in the tech industry, as we believe that refugees shouldn’t be left behind while the world moves toward tech.

RIO has been represented by the founder and executive director, Rya Kuewor at many international conferences, including the World Economic Forum Conference on Africa, the GIZ Innovation Factory in Munich and the IOM’s International Dialogue on Migration in UN Headquarters in New York.

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