Rya G. Kuewor

Avina Ajit



Global Executive Director

Chairwoman of the Board

Rya is a refugee integration consultant with nearly a decade of working in higher and marginalised education in Ghana, Mali, Burkina Faso, Singapore, and Kenya, and on refugee development with a special focus on economic and social integration. 

Rya is a frequent speaker at the World Economic Forum, and is also a speaker at the IOM’s International Dialogue on Migration at the United Nations’ Headquarters. He has researched refugee economic and social integration in the Dadaab, Ampain, and Krisan refugee camps (in Kenya and Ghana).
He has also 
designed refugee integration solutions with the GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) in Munich and Bavaria, and has tested his solutions in Ghana and Brazil.

Today, Rya is the Equity and Inclusion for refugees and migrants lead for the Global Shapers Community. 
Rya speaks 9 international and local languages, is a TEDx Speaker, a World Economic Forum Agenda Contributor and Global Shaper, and a Fellow of the Amani Institute.

Avina Ajit is a refugee consultant and the co-founder of Refugee Integration Organisation (RIO).  She is currently a fellow at Muhammed Yunus’ Yunus&Youth 2020 Fellowship Program.
Originally from the south of India and having spent time publishing for Reuters in Bangalore, she travelled to Ghana in search of work that betters the socio economic situation of refugees, where she co-founded RIO.

Avina has studied World Literature, Social & Developmental Journalism and Abnormal Psychology from St. Joseph’s College in Bangalore. 
Born and raised in an Indian city, she came to recognise the stark inequality all around her and gave her the push to focus on solution-based approach to prototyping.

Avina spent much of her teenage years learning organic farming and working at the Hamsah Organic Farm, affiliated to the World Wide Organisation for Organic Farming (WWOOF). She also received her Open Water Diving License in 2019, in the hopes of earning a Rescue Divers to offer assistance to refugee relief organisations.